SPOS Feature Demo's

SPOS Feature Demo's

Weather Elements

Overlook 20+ extended weather elements, choice of resolutions, display options along your whole voyage

SeaKeeping, motion prediction module

Protect motion-sensitive ships and cargoes by optimizing your route calculations according to provided weather forecasts, specific characteristics of the ship and motion limits

Trim Advice (add-on module)

Optimize trim using ship characteristics, voyage loading conditions and waves.

Ship-to-shore reporting

Share travel updates, between ship and shore, with configurable dynamic Noon reporting with Planned route.

Port to Port route optimization with ECDIS route network

Plan port-to-port routes, including navigational constraints and port approaches and to reduce time on voyage planning while and improving the quality of the Route.

ECA zones

Visualize all ECA zones and take them into account for route cost optimization

Vessel Profiles and speed loss curves

Specify, adjust and update vessel and voyage data during transit thanks to the MeteoGroup Ship Profile Library.

Variable speed routing algorithm

Avoid bad weather by means of speed optimization on and let SPOS define the speed on different legs of the voyage.

Area restrictions (speed limits)

Define restricted areas that either have to be avoided or sailed through with adapted speed