SPOS in Focus: Area Restrictions and ECA Zones (Video)

IMO 2020 is a matter of weeks away. When it comes into force on 1 January 2020, a new 0.5% sulfur cap will be in place for fuel used by commercial shipping vessels. The limit is down from the current 3.5% sulfur content allowed in fuel. Shipping companies will either need to use lower sulfur fuel or equip ships with exhaust gas cleaning systems (known as scrubbers) to be able to continue using high-sulfur fuel oil.

However, for Emission Control Areas (ECAs), the sulfur cap will remain at the current 0.1% sulfur limit.

The critical impact on shipping companies comes down to cost; low sulfur fuel is more expensive. While the exact financial impact is not yet known, the unilateral introduction of low sulfur fuel is estimated to add will $60 billion in costs for the shipping industry. Increases in fuel price rises mean the pressure is on to control costs and stop them from spiraling.

Accurate weather forecasts improve efficiency, saving both time and fuel. For shipping companies, this means reduced fuel costs and lower emissions, allowing them to improve their sustainability and reduce environmental impact, while also controlling costs.

Two essential features in the onboard weather routing system, SPOS, help shipping companies to manage speed and also take into account ECA zones to optimize costs and manage fuel consumption more effectively.


Area restrictions


Are there specific areas you don’t want your ship to sail through? Or are there areas your ship should cross with adapted speed? SPOS enables you to define restricted areas, which either need to be avoided or sailed through with adapted speed.



The shipping industry can reduce emissions by between 17- 34% through speed reductions. Of course, this approach does have limitations because time is always a key consideration for shipping. However, where there are times that an adapted speed is appropriate, using SPOS ensures the vessel sticks to the limits.


ECA zones


Every ship captain has to consider ECA zones when planning routes. SPOS lets you visualize all ECA zones - anywhere in the world. SPOS can take these zones into account, enabling you to optimize the cost of your route.



Visualize all ECA zones and take them into account to improve both planning and route cost optimization.



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