SPOS in Focus: Trim Advice Add-On and Vessel Profile & Speed Loss Curve (Videos)

Onboard weather routing systems help Masters to take the safest, most efficient routes on every voyage. They reduce voyage costs by saving both time and fuel. But modern weather routing systems like SPOS don’t just utilize weather data.


Shipping companies can unlock additional insight alongside their weather data by taking into account the vessel profile and trim advice. This information allows them to optimize trim, based on the weather conditions (including the waves), and take into account how the weather would affect the specific type of vessel.


Trim Advice


SPOS includes an add-on trim module, which ensures optimized trim at all times - both before and during a voyage.

It’s an ideal addition for shipping companies looking to improve both fuel efficiency and fleet utilization. The add-on is fully integrated with SPOS, ensuring the trim advice incorporates the ocean weather forecast - including waves.


Many solutions don’t consider wave height; their trim advice is only applicable for calm seas and doesn’t take into account propeller immersion in adverse weather. The problem with this is that propeller efficiency needs consideration for effective trim advice.


Optimum trim reduces the vessel’s resistance in the water. The Master can use this insight to increase speed or decrease fuel consumption - optimizing for the voyage KPIs. All data is based on a real ship model. It is highly accurate and a fraction of the cost of traditional trim optimization modeling with an ROI of a few voyages.


Vessel Profile & Speed Loss Curve


Specify, adjust, and update vessel and voyage data during transit using the MeteoGroup Ship Profile Library.

Knowing how the weather will impact your specific vessel is almost as important as knowing the forecast itself. The relevant ship profile can determine the impact of the forecast on the type of vessel, helping Masters increase route planning accuracy and remove complexity


The ship profiles all contain advanced algorithms for the resistance, impact of winds, and impact of waves on specific vessel types. These algorithms were co-developed with MARIN - the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands.


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