SPOS9 Seakeeping

Protect your motion-sensitive ships and cargoes

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The seakeeping software for safe shipping

The SPOS9 Seakeeping module shows you how to avoid dangerous ship motions that can result in losing containers or cargo movement and it also helps you with how to avoid cargo liquefaction and fluid movements.
  • Easy plug-in into SPOS.
  • Situational awareness with the combined motion and weather forecast mapping.
  • Vessel tailored route optimisation, taking the specific vessel characteristics as input.
  • integrated solution. No hassle with one system for route calculations and a separate system or manual calculations for ship motions.
  • Connection with the GPS to predict motions based on your current position, speed and course over ground.

Mature software

Only mature software available with voyage performance optimisation system and comprehensive, fully integrated ship seakeep optimisation


To evaluate escape options in both direction and speed for occurring motions.

Vessel loading conditions and motion threshold values

Including all translations and rotations and these can be defined and combined for any given spot on the vessel, completed with the IMO resonances.

Why choose SPOS Seakeeping?

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