TechnoAlpin and MeteoGroup deliver hyper localised weather forecasts for efficient snowmaking

The weather is very important in economic terms for snowmaking. The right weather conditions are not only a basic requirement for snow production but also influence a company’s profit and loss. That is why it is essential for decision-makers to be able to rely on pinpoint-accurate weather forecasts.

Many activities in Alpine regions are very dependent on the weather. In urbanized nature areas, important decisions have to be made quickly and reliably. Because the necessary windows of cold will be increasingly short in future, it is all the more important to be able to take full advantage of them on the basis of accurate forecasts. 

TechnoAlpin is the world innovation leader in the snowmaking market. From the consulting and design phase right through to the implementation process, snowmaking systems are completed as end-to-end projects, with every aspect covered and a professional service provided to each customer.

Detailed weather forecasts for better weather planning mean that snowmaking systems from TechnoAlpin can be operated more efficiently and at less expense. By collaborating with MeteoGroup, TechnoAlpin is able to integrate weather data from Europe’s largest weather service into its ATASSplus system. ATASSplus is TechnoAlpin's software for fully automatic and intelligent control of the snowmaking system, to enable an energy-efficient snow production. By combining it with local weather data from the past year, the add-on weather module provides precise and accurate forecasts for different locations and elevations.

Most readily available forecasts can only guarantee accurate information for urban areas. They cannot guarantee accurate and detailed forecasts and calculations for mountain ranges. TechnoAlpin matches the weather service to each area using in-depth analyses and specially developed forecasting algorithms. Individual forecasts can be generated using current and historical weather data from each location. This enables TechnoAlpin to combine data from the best weather service with local data collected directly on the slopes from individual snow guns. The result is matchless accurate forecasts.

How the weather module works

MeteoGroup is the only global weather service to have 1,300 of its own measuring stations and offices in 17 countries. To generate local, reliable weather data, MeteoGroup relies on different meteorological output data which it then analyses and processes with TechnoAlpin.

Temperatures in Alpine areas especially can vary over short distances. MeteoGroup's unique MOS-method (Model Output Statistics) combines the weather data from several macro-weather forecasting models for each area and combines them with current data collected locally from the snow guns on the snowmaking system. By taking account of historical weather data of recent years, precise weather forecasts can be generated for specific sections of the installation.

Savings also for smaller production quantities

In practice, it is often impossible to wait for the optimal temperature when deciding on the right time for snowmaking. As cold periods get shorter, they have to be exploited to the full. After a basic layer of snow has been created, snow production is often more flexible so it is possible to wait for the best snowmaking conditions. 

Thanks to the regular updating of the weather module, it is possible to exploit even the tiniest variations in temperature to enable the most efficient production of snow.

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