Vessel, Crew & Cargo Safety

Ensuring on-board safety throughout every stage of the voyage

Safety is your number one priority – you need to make sure that your ship, cargo and crew are safe at all times. MeteoGroup will act as your partner during every step of your voyage, helping you reduce your sailing time, more accurately plan ETAs and reduce CO2 emissions – all while ensuring you are always sailing the safest route.

>5000 vessels use RouteGuard annually to protect their crew and cargo.

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Safety is your top priority, and to keep it at its optimum level, you need 24/7 access to the most reliable and relevant weather data. SPOS provides you with the most relevant data, so you can make the most informed decisions for any vessel.

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Our team of seafarers assist you in choosing the best voyage plan to maximise safety. We use the latest forecasts to re-evaluate your voyage on a daily basis and help you avoid adverse weather. We are always a step ahead, ready to change your route as soon as the weather changes.

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Nowcasting Pro

Keep your vessel, cargo and crew safe with NowcastingPro 6. High-resolution metocean data makes your decision-making easier, so you can efficiently plan the safest route options.

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Fixed Location Forecasts

Tailored specifically to the region that you are interested in, MeteoGroup’s fixed-location forecasts allow you to perform any (port) operation without unexpected weather-related safety issues while also optimize your port rotation.

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Ensuring your vessel can withstand the effects of adverse weather conditions is difficult. You need access to reliable weather data around the clock and insights into your vessel's specific risks. SPOS Seakeeping alerts you to adverse weather conditions, so you can plan alternative routes.

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Using input from three models, Nautical Meteobase (NMB) produces more reliable and accurate forecasts.

What our customers say

MeteoGroup is the first place to go if the weather can impact your business. Keep up the great work, and thank you to the staff.

Simon Cardy Senior Meteorologist, SSE

Medium range weather forecasting and the effect on the bottom line

The key to medium range forecasting is understanding uncertainty. Read on to better understand how to deal with risk and more confidently plan ahead for "that" weather related event.