Boost the success of your weather show with engaging visuals and simplified production workflows

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WeatherSuite enables media companies to create engaging and attractive weather shows for tv, online and mobile by providing presenters and producers with easy-to-use visualization tools, while minimizing production costs. With WeatherSuite you can:
  • Grow audiences
  • Continuously adapt your presentations using accurate, real-time weather forecasts
  • Reduce production costs

WeatherSuite: the #1 solution for the media and broadcast industry.

One-stop solution

WeatherSuite is a one-stop solution for creating, producing and presenting weather data. Each component serves specific parts of the daily workflow of producing a weather show for broadcast, online and mobile.


Enables flexible storytelling through templates and building block-based creation of linear presentations. It brings together various weather modules: MeteoEarth for global and non-linear storytelling, Daviz for real time 2D content and Terra3D.


The global weather visualization tool. Track worldwide weather events with this real-time system and present the bigger picture to your audiences. The on-screen touch interface supports non-linear and interactive weather presenting.


Create weather templates in unique styles conforming to brand guidelines. Configure data connectivity, create designs and define accessible elements to create reusable components for WeatherPresenter.


Create stunning 3D weather graphics with high-resolution terrain textures and low-level fly throughs. Add realistic data driven weather animations, such as rainfall visualization, volumetric clouds, wind based waves, and time based sun position.

RenderManager, DataService and MediaEncoder

Produce event-based or to-schedule templates. File and data flows, synchronization, ingest and housekeeping are defined and controlled by the node based DataService. Video files can be automatically converted to a proprietary lossless formats.

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