Webinar: Crystal Balls or Cutting-edge Science?

A look behind the scenes at how we produce our long-range forecasts, their accuracy and our preliminary thoughts on what this winter has in store

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For All Industries Impacted By Weather

Being professionally involved in a sector influenced by the weather, you know how important it is to be aware of emerging weather shifts well in advance. Periods of severe cold, such as last year’s Beast from the East, can have a dramatic and diverse impacts on businesses and advance knowledge of such events can be invaluable for planning purposes and securing operations.

Tailored for industries such as Transport, Utilities, Energy, Insurance, Agriculture, and Retail, we are organizing a Winter Outlook Webinar focusing on our unique Sub Seasonal and Seasonal forecasting capabilities. In a concise and to-the-point 30 minute session, you will have the opportunity to hear about what is influencing our preliminary thoughts on the upcoming winter season and how we believe current climate changes are shaping the weather. We will also summarize what sets our long-range forecasts apart and how to use these forecasts to help you company make better weather related decisions. You will also have a chance to interact with our industry experts and ask your specific weather-related questions.

And as a bonus, we will share with you our preliminary expectations for the winter 2018-2019!

Find out how our Long Term Weather Forecasts can improve your long-term planning and business operations.

When: October 25, 2018
Time: 16:00 CEST (15:00 BST)

In this webinar you'll learn how:

Current climate changes influence long term forecasting

The upcoming winter season is shaping up

We come to well founded and accurate long term forecasts

You can use weather insights to operate safer and more efficiently

Our World Climate Service provides you with the long term view to make better weather related business decisions